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Water System

The water system of Conewago Industrial Park Water and Sewer Company consists of two wells and well pumps, a 250,000-gallon low head above ground storage tank, a 109,000-gallon low head above ground storage tank, six water delivery pumps, a system of 8", 10" and 12" water mains, and related controls and appurtenances.

Well #1: The 8", 250' deep well has an estimated sustained yield of 200 gallons per minute (gpm), although it is presently served by a pump that delivers 44 gpm, and the pipe connecting the well to the remainder of the system restricts the flow to 150 gpm. Well #2: The 8", 363' deep well with an estimated sustained yield of 350 gpm is presently served by a pump that delivers 75 gpm. The combined yield of the well field is estimated to be 400 gpm, or 576,000 gallons per day (gpd).

For water delivery the system utilizes one 40 gpm (5 HP) pump and two 120 gpm (15 HP) booster pumps. These three pumps are equipped with variable speed controls and are sequenced to maintain a constant pressure of approximately 125 psi at the plant. For high flows the system utilizes three 75 HP high service pumps rated at 750 gpm each, one of which is equipped with variable speed controls. The control system regulates the sequential operation of the high service pumps, which come on line at intervals to the extent required by the demand.

The water is chlorinated and tested in accordance with DEP requirements.  The chlorine concentration varies within monitored limits and approximates 0.6 parts per million.  There are no other additives, and no filtration.

The electrical service to the plant is 480 volt, 3 phase, 4 wire, 600 amps. There is a 400 kw diesel-powered emergency generator to provide a second source of electricity for the water pumps.
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